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Secured Lending

Doing appraisals for the secured lending is by definition a procedure to determine the actual market value of the property being financed. This makes it possible to strike a balance between the down payment amount and a loan amount that is fair and reasonable to both parties. The appraisal is also approached with the goal of mitigating differences between the parties in the transaction which may arise in the event of a foreclosure on the property.

The TurkmenExpert Company offers high quality appraisals for secured lending purposes, and does so in full compliance with international and national standards and rules both on reporting and on the expert assessment process.

The demand for independent appraisal services to obtain financing in Turkmenistan arose at the moment in time when secured lending became a reality. It is specifically in this realm – secured lending – that clients mostly currently tend to hire appraisal companies. Although, just about anything that has a real market value could demand the need for loan appraisals. For example, an appraisal for financing could include any type of real estate, automobiles and other modes of transport, machines and mechanisms, a company's property and its share in a variety of companies, as well as any other type of property which a bank would be able to sell without difficulty in the event the borrower defaults on repaying the loan.

In either of these cases, impartial independent specialists need to be entrusted to conduct the appraisal for the loan. There is a definitely a risk when a bank takes on this burden and allows one of its employees to conduct the appraisal. Likewise, if the appraisal is done by one of the parties participating in the transaction, then the appraisal amount will be biased. These risks can be avoided by bringing in an independent appraisal company, making it possible to reach an unbiased outcome on the value of the item being appraised. This is the only way that all parties in a lending transaction can be sure of the veracity of the set price on the financed property.

The appraisal for a lending report completed by an independent company (whether it is to appraise real estate for secured lending, or to appraise a company's property to get a loan) is the very basis upon which the bank makes its decision on issuing a loan.

In essence, doing lending appraisal in today's world is basically the same these as determining the credit worthiness of a physical person or legal entity. An intelligent credit worthiness appraisal that calculates every nuance makes it possible for a borrower to obtain the largest loan amount possible.

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