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Real estate valuation courses

The Professional valuation division at the National Public Organization “Union of Economists of Turkmenistan” in cooperation with the School of Economy and Business of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute has organized the professional training course “Basics of valuation. Valuation of Real estate” between 6 November 2017 and 15 January 2018. The UET’s professional members Mr. Sergey Mineyev and Mr. Pavel Chernyshev were involved as course trainers. Based on knowledge gained during the training, the candidates were tested in due way through paper exam. Those who successfully passed the paper exam will be granted with a certificate of completion by SEB. Having the SEB’s certificate a candidate may be admitted to the qualification exam organized by the Ministry of Finance and economy of Turkmenistan for appraisers. Totally 12 candidates, who practice valuation activity both in private and state sectors of Turkmenistan have passed the training course. As of Turkmen Expert’s appraisers we can mention Maral Ilyasova, Gulnar Berdyniyazova and Rejep Topbakov, who have successfully passed the training course and obtained SEB’s certificates.

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