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Business planning seminar

In frame of series of events for potential consultants, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has on 23 June 2016 organized a round-table where participated 18 consultants and representatives of consulting firms who involved in business and investment planning services for local companies in Turkmenistan. The main aim of the event was focused on detecting from the mass of consultants those who are able to implement consulting projects under support of EBRD; and exchange of fresh experience in business and investment planning. Round-table participants have gained information about EBRD products in the field of financing and business consulting in Turkmenistan, and about key requirements applied by the Bank to investment projects in Turkmenistan. Apart of experience exchange with each other and further development in Turkmenistan, the event has allowed local consultants, who interested in cooperation with EBRD, communicate directly to EBRD’s officials engaged in investment and consulting projects. Mr. Pavel Chernyshev Chief valuation expert and financial analyst has represented TurkmenExpert in the event. Mr. Chernyshev has a significant work experience on EBRD’s investment projects in Turkmenistan. EBRD plans a next round-table for consultants in the field of financial expertise, which will be held in the end of the summer/beginning of autumn 2016.

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