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Participation in GES 2016

Mr. Mineyev, Partner of TurkmenExpert, has attended the 7th annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which was held at Stanford University in Silicon Valley California (San Francisco, USA) between 22-24 June 2016. The Summit has joined a strong group of entrepreneurs, reflecting diversity of age, gender, geography, industry, and expertise. The main platform was oriented to the interactions between the entrepreneurs and investors who attended the event. During the Summit the presentations have been given by officials of U.S. - Barack Obama, John Kerry, Richard Stengel and others. Well-known worldwide entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg (Co-founder, Facebook), Sunder Pitchal (CEO, Google), Reid Hoffman (Co-founder, LinkedIn), Travis Kalanick (Co-founder, Uber), Sheila Johnson (Founder, Salammander Hotels & Resorts), etc. have given their presentations at the Summit as well. The participation in this extraordinary event will provide TurkmenExpert with important skills and connections to help it succeed in Turkmenistan and further contribution for professional development of valuation profession locally. More about GES 2016 at

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