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Youth competitions in economics

On 10th May 2016 in UET’s building there was held a final part or youth competitions and the awarding ceremony of Economy and Management Modeling Program annually organized by Union of Economists of Turkmenistan in cooperation with USAID through the JA Worldwide.

The Program focuses to computer modeling where young people create and manage a virtual company in competitive business environment. Participants required to apply their knowledge and skills in economics by using such parameters like price, quantity of production, marketing expenses, investments, etc. Participants try to reach best outcomes by the success index granted by computer program and based on decisions made by such participants.

In 2016 the competitions were arranged between 2-10 May. 19 teams from 16 schools have participated in the Program this year. Winners and prize-winners were awarded with diplomas and gifts. Managing partner of TurkmenExpert, Sergey Mineyev has participated in awarding ceremony.

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