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Management consultants meeting in UET

On 6 June 2020 in Union of Economists of Turkmenistan’s office located in Berkarar Business Center, Ashgabat, the UET’s Division of Consultants has organized a general meetingamongst its members-consultants. The meeting was opened by Mr. Yuriy Aronskiy, UET’s Chairman, and thereafter Mr. Daniil Maykovskiy, theHead of Division, and Mr. Sergey Mineyev, the Head of Ethics Committee, have given their presentation aboutDivision’s structure, membership and ethics. Furthermore, during the meeting there were discussed theDivision’s activities and achievements during 2017-2019 and there was planning for 2020-2021. Today the Division joins more than 30 consultants who practice management consulting in Turkmenistan.

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