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Series of management consulting trainings

Between 17-22 February 2020, the series of trainings on management consulting, professional ethics and CMC Certification were held at Archabil Hotel in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. It is a special format event, which was prepared and conducted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development under financial support of the European Union.
Representatives of consulting companies who actively practice in Turkmenistan were invited to participate in the trainings. Actually, more than 25 consultants have participated in the trainings.
The professional coach who was especially invited by EBRD is Mrs. Valentina Grigoriyeva, MBA, CMC a consultant from the Chamber of Management Consultants, Almaty, Kazakhstan.
The training programs highlighted the topics of basics of consulting business, professional ethics among management consultants, CMC-certification issues and other issues related to management consulting. The huge interest arisen among the consultants related the ethics cases in management consultancy practices, dilemmas and non-standard solutions, as well as discussions on ethics requirements and norms established for CMC-consultants.
The Turkmen Expert has delegated its consultant Meylis Mashadov for participating in the training related to basics of management consulting. As well, Yana Dubrovina, Natalia Voevodina, Islam Kularov, Maral Ilyasova, Meylis Mashadov, Aysoltan Gurbanova and Rejep Topbakov have participated in the Professional Ethics training. Furthermore, Sergey Mineyev has presented issues and explained requirements related to CMC Global certification.
Turkmen Expert is carefully looking at the matters related to professional ethics while doing business in Turkmenistan, and, therefore, today more than 30% of Turkmen Expert’s staff have internationally recognized qualifications.

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