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8th Business platform

On 10th December 2019 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) (in cooperation with the European Union) has organized the 8th Business platform «Opportunity and risk management in business». This professional event has been organized jointly with the Consultant’s division of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan and has been held in Yildiz Hotel, Ashgabat.
The Business platform joined more than 58 participants of SME in Turkmenistan who discussed vital business topics such as risks and opportunities in business and the managment thereof.
At the first half of event the presentations were given by Mr. Daniil Maykovskiy, Netijelilik ES, «Should you affraid the risks?» and Mr.Vepa Myalikgulyev, Halkara standard hyzmat IE, «How to squeeze a whole “juice” from risks». The second part of event proposed the thematic round tables format where the participants were able to discuss all vital issues in detail and face to face.
The trainers proposed the following thematic round tables:
Mr. Daniil Maykovskiy: Market as a minefield
Mr. Vepa Malikgulyev: Food safety in food manufacturing
Mrs. Natalia Yeremenko: Information storing expense … is it a waste of money or a reliable protection?
Mr. Sergey Mineyev: Organizational changes and risks. Manage or accept as it is?
The 8th Business platform became a one of the biggest platforms by confirming an interest among entrepreneurs in respect of risks which appear in business and the methods for risk management in order to reduce losses and negative consequences thereof.

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