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Set of trainings Develop your business

On 5-6 November in Yildyz Hotel the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has completed the set of trainings based on the program “Develop your business”. The following trainers were involved for the autumn trainings (1) Mr. Vladimir Chernyavskiy, member of international association of PDP consultants, professor of economy and management faculty of Stockholm school of Saint-Petersburg University - as a trainer for “Changes management” and (2) Mrs. Marina Poghosyan, MBA, CMC, founder and the Board member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Armenia (IMC Armenia), founder of the Women-Entrepreneurs Promotion Educational Center of Armenia (WEPEC Armenia) - as a trainer for «Consultancy business management». Mr. Sergey Mineyev, Managing partner, has participated in the trainings on behalf of TurkmenExpert. Based on gained knowledge, TurkmenExpert will organize a series of internal trainings for improving internal works and business processes.

Merger of TE and TMH

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The meeting of UETs Division of Valuers

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Management consultants meeting in UET

Management consultants meeting in UET >>>

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