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Audit, finanicial due diligence and expertise

An audit, financial due diligence, expertise & consulting are very important in today’s business environment; it is a necessity to protect the business and encourage it to thrive. Early warnings, open communication and pragmatic approach are our professional principles.

Turkmen Expert delivers a wide scope of service in the field of financial expertise and consulting. Statutory audit and related to audit service are offered via the affiliated company Turkmen Expertise & Audit ES, which possesses an audit license therefor.

Moreover, Turkmen Expert provides assistance and consulting to companies confronted with complex financial goals, faced with opportunities for growth such as merger or acquisition, investment decision making; critical challenges such as company or business segment reorganization, performance review, compliance analysis, business and asset valuation and many more.

During the course of our professional expertise, we will inform our clients immediately of any matters of significance, in order to provide sufficient time to resolve any potential problems.

By keeping the clients up-to-date with relevant financial reporting and related legislative, tax and technical changes throughout the annual cycle, as well as providing appropriate insights into maximizing the potential of their business, Turkmen Expert actually assists in enhancing and developing their business.


  • Audit of Financial Statements (via Turkmen Expertise & Audit ES)
  • Financial Due diligence
  • Investment & financial planning and budgeting
  • Information systems and control assurance
  • Financial, accounting and tax consulting
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