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UETs Division of Valuers

A general meeting of appraisers of the UET’s Division of Valuers was held on 26 October 2019 at the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan. The program of the event has covered the following matters:
approval of the Code of Ethics for UET’s appraisers
local valuation practices and specifics
the new International Valuation Standards entering in to effect on 31 January 2020
international valuation practices, tendencies and events happened in 2019
As today’s professional market shows, there is a high interest appeared in valuation activities? which is confirmed by growing in a number of valuation companies in Turkmenistan. The UET’s Division of Valuers actively participates in valuation service market development, training of local appraisers and cooperates with international organizations so that the valuation profession in Turkmenistan is to be conducted in compliance with the international standards and tendencies. The one of the latest events is that the UET was granted with a right to translate into Turkmen and publish the IVS 2020 based on the license agreement between IVSC and UET dated September 9, 2019. The new Turkmen version of IVS will appear in January 2020 by helping Turkmen appraisers in implementing the modern principles and methods in to their professional activities in Turkmenistan.

UETs Division of Valuers

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