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ISO 9000 series

ISO 9000 standards - series of international standards for quality assurance, setting out requirements for quality management systems, basic provisions and terms, recommendations for improvement of the organization activities.

These standards establish the requirements for building, organizational set-up and functioning of the quality management system for the organization (enterprise).

In other words, ISO 9000 standards is a set of requirements of the organization’s management system, implementation of which is required to ensure sustainability in quality of products and services.

In 2015 edition ISO 9000 standards include the following documents:

  • ISO 9000, which establishes the concept, general principles, theoretical terms and terminology of quality management;
  • ISO 9001, which contains requirements to be met by the system;
  • ISO 9004, which establishes guidelines on improvement of effectiveness of quality management systems.

Our company provides services for designing of quality management systems for organizations (enterprises) of Turkmenistan in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, and helps to better prepare for audit procedures and subsequent certification.

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