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ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is aimed at: creating a mechanism for monitoring and control, guaranteeing strict and full compliance with environmental legislation and virtually eliminating the risks of fines and  sanctions; it targeted to reduce volumes of used resources and waste, respectively, also reduces the size of costs connected with them; increases the level of environmental culture and responsibility of the company’s team; helps to gain additional competitive advantages in competitions and tenders, increases credibility in the eyes of credit institutions.

The implementation of environmental management system enables for proper preparation and implementation of principles and commitments to ensure environmental objectives. The planning of such activities is a key function of the entire management system. With its help it is possible to arrange and organize numerous planned activities aimed at improving the environmental situation.

The adoption of environmental management system today is aimed at significant improvement of the environmental performance of any enterprise. The structure of such a system includes:

  • preparation, approval, implementation of the environmental policy;
  • personnel training, environmental management system should include the exchange of achievements in the field of environmental protection;
  • monitoring of accurate, timely compliance with the approved environmental management policy;
  • necessary assessment of the process, elaboration of remedial programs;
  • audit of environmental management system, proposing relevant recommendations and adjustment measures.

The top management and medium-level managers shall undergo training for the adoption of this standard. Maximum involvement of every employee in this activity is possible only in the case of full awareness and required level of competence. This cannot be achieved only through self-education.

Environmental management includes informational and methodological aspects to attain the strategic objectives, responding promptly in case of accidents. During the adoption of the environmental management system, trainees learn how to plan activities, implement actions aimed at minimizing the cost of resource consumption.

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