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How quality management assurance system benefits managers?

Quality assurance system:

  • allows the company to create an Internal Control Framework required for the manager, that very discipline at which the responsibility of staff is accurately distributed and documented throughout the structure of the enterprise, and the execution of the delegated powers is automatically checked regularly and meticulously;
  • streamlines operative costs, helps to effectively distribute resources, and improves work time;
  • increases sales of the same amount of raw materials and with less labor based on the application of statistical methods;
  • identifies and removes unnecessary, duplicated information flows;
  • provides effective personnel supervision;
  • increases responsibility and accountability of the personnel;
  • increases dedication of the personnel;
  • allows to increase value-for-money;
  • empowers management to focus its efforts on key personnel processes: marketing, quality of production, increase in sales volume;
  • builds business image of manager, enterprise, products, all of which are essential for the market presence in the forefront;
  • builds reasonable assurance in capabilities of the company.

Enterprise quality system certificate awarded by one of the recognized certification authorities:

  • is recognized as means of promoting company products abroad;
  • provides enterprise with worldwide fame through the published register of certified quality systems - that is the shortest way to inform customers of the enterprise activities, and certainly - is the image of the manager of the enterprise.

Certificate of quality management system – is a strong marketing tool which opens new markets for the company.

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